The head pastor of Triumphant Christian Center, Dr Emmanuel Yaw Baidoo stated that “A pastor who don’t pay his/her musicians after ministration is stingy man of God and its contrary to the word of God.

Dr Emmanuel Yaw Baidoo disclosed this revelation to “TDEE ENTERTAINMENT NEWS on saturday.

He stated that paying of musicians is blibical and as numbers 18:21 says ” And behold, i have given the children of levi all the tenth in Isreal for an inheritance, even the service of the tabernacle of the congregation.

Dr Emmanuel also adviced his colleaques in the pastoral ministry to create good relationship with their musicians, ushers, prayer warriors and all church workers so that they will serve well without pains.

He also made it known that, a church can buy a keyboard worth of 10, 000gh cedis but when its time to pay the musician(keyboardist) who regulates or plays it for the church to feel the significancy of it, they will say its a kingdom work and they will not pay.

He ended by saying because most of the professional musicians don’t backgain with the pastors before playing or performing, which the musician have it in mind that its a kingdom work so they wouldn’t love to charge the church but rather gives the church the opportunity to offer them their budget for musicians. Some of the pastors used this offer as a yardstick to deminish the value of that musician.

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